The Revealed Invisible

This past weekend my team and I had the wonderful opportunity to minister at Lake Ann Camp. If you have ever been in Northern Michigan in the winter you know that you are basically in Narnia. It is beautiful. As I walked around the camp I was amazed at the beauty of God. What a creative, wonderful, stunning God; however, he is invisible. How can we possibly know this God if we can never see him?

As we went through the weekend, the speaker talked about the invisibility of God. As I listened I was reminded of Romans 1:20, “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” Just take a minute and let that verse soak in.

God is invisible but has made himself known in his creation so that, we, those who were created, will be without excuse in knowing who he is.

When I meditated on that verse this weekend I was completely blown away by God and his means of letting us find out who he is. At times in my walk with the Lord I have found myself looking for God, especially in the hard situations. I ask where he is and I turn to his word and to prayer to find him.

As I reflected on God and his invisible qualities I began to realize how I see God every day. Even though God cannot be seen in human form I see him everywhere. At Lake Ann I saw God in many ways, but mainly in the snow. He was creative in making each snowflake different and he was powerful in making the weather cold enough to make the snow and to keep it on the ground. But most importantly I saw him as a forgiving, compassionate, loving Father. As I looked at the huge mounds of snow all I could think of was that God in his infinite and wonderful love has not only brought me into his family, made me his daughter, and given me the Holy Spirit, but he has forgiven me and when he looks at me, he no longer sees the ugly stains left by my sin, he only sees the pure, clean, satisfying, snow-like quality of Christ’s blood. Praise the Lord!

Even though we cannot see him and even though it seems like God is not there, he is always with us. There is nothing we can do separate ourselves from the love of God. He is the revealed invisible. He is the I AM. He is God.

Author: Aleska

My name is Aleska! I am a student at Cedarville University working on a BA in Music and Worship. I am classically and contemporary trained vocalist located in the Dayton, Ohio area.

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